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Could you see yourself, a family member, or someone you support living in one of our homes? Click the links below to access our current home brochures, and be sure to fill out an online enquiry form to learn more!

Oak Tree

Located in leafy Mount Colah,
Oak Tree is a stylishly designed, 2-bedroom villa and adjoining 1-bedroom villa catering to all design categories. Learn more.

Apple Tree

Located next door to Oak Tree, Apple Tree comprises a 2-bedroom villa and adjoining 2-resident villa catering to HPS and FA support needs. Find out more.

Lilly Pilly

Our first home in Sydney's Northern Beaches, Lilly Pilly hosts five 1-bedroom villas (with a common indoor/outdoor area)
designed for HPS and FA needs.

Red Robin

Scheduled for completion later this year, Red Robin is a suite of
two x 1-bedroom villas designed for HPS needs, and a 2-resident house designed for FA tenants. 

Blue Gum

Scheduled for completion later this year, Blue Gum is a suite of five 1-bedroom villas designed to meet the needs of Robust participants. Find out more.


Scheduled for completion later this year, Jasmine is a suite of two 2-resident homes designed for HPS needs, located in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire.


Created with Robust needs front of mind, Jacaranda is a suite of 5 x 1-bedroom villas in the heart of Jannali, offering comfort, peace of mind and security for tenants.


Located in Bradbury,
Banksia is a suite of three 1-bedroom (HPS) villas and an adjoining 2-Resident (HPS + IL) villa. Available later this year.


Scheduled for completion early next year, Sandersonia will host
six 1-bedroom villas designed under the Robust category. This home is located in Toongabbie.

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