We believe everyone should have a place that feels like home.

It’s our mission to deliver 50 smart and healthy homes to transform close to 200 lives within the next three years.

Values we’re built on


We’re pioneering a new way forward by empowering individuals to live extraordinary lives. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile, taking the road less travelled and engaging with innovative practices to create solution focused, ergonomic homes.


Whether it’s our tenants who we exist for, our partners who elevate our brand, or our staff who work tirelessly to bring our vision to life – community is at the heart of everything we do.

Full of heart

We’re passionate about doing good. From foundation to facilities, everything we do is governed by our intention to improve individuals’ lives while transforming the future of specialty housing.


We create homes that make people feel safe, comfortable and empowered - homes that evoke a sense of peace, calm and joy for tenants and their guests.

Reasons to believe

We’re pioneering a new way of living. Building houses that feel like home.

Lived experience

Good Housing was born out of a family need for specialty housing, and our lived experience means we understand the challenges and requirements associated with finding the right home.

Holistic approach

We take a holistic approach to creating smart and healthy homes - taking into consideration an array of physical, mental and emotional needs and benefits.

Customised for individuals

We’re one of the only providers able to custom build homes to meet the needs of the individual – while also offering ‘Robust’ housing solutions.

Immersive locations

We build homes in locations that are convenient and close to activities, shops, transport, hospitals and jobs – opening up opportunities for progress and growth.

Independent or shared living

We offer apartments and villas for those seeking to live on their own, and have the option of shared living for people who prefer some company in the home.

Meet the good team

Sam Graiche
Chief Innovator
Antony Anisse
Chief Empowerment Officer
Lily Nehme
Tenant Empowerment Manager
Jose De Oliveira
Project Manager

Want to collaborate with us for good?

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