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Nov 2023
November 2023

Events: Good Housing unveils first Campbelltown homes

To cap off a fruitful 2023, Good Housing unveiled its first project in Sydney's Southwest.

This month, Good Housing launched its inaugural SDA dwellings in the Campbelltown region, in collaboration with the not-for-profit Disability Support Provider, Breakthru (part of the Royal Rehab group). Guests included future tenants and their carers, Good Housing Co-Founders Sam Graiche and Antony Anisse, Royal Rehab CEO Matt Mackay, and Mayor of Campbelltown, Dr. George Greiss.

A pioneering project in the Campbelltown region, our new dwellings, Murraya and Macadamia, embody a significant advancement in addressing the unique requirements of individuals with disabilities in Southwest Sydney and its surrounding areas. Collaborating seamlessly with our SIL Partners, Breakthru, the team at Good Housing is committed to ensuring that Murraya and Macadamia not only meet but exceed the expectations of individuals with disabilities.

The launch of two properties, Murraya and Macadamia, couldn't come at a more crucial time, following the Royal Commission's eye-opening investigation into the abuse and exploitation of people with disabilities. In response to the pressing need for dignified dwellings, Good Housing has been dedicated to creating purpose-built, smart, and sustainable homes that aim to make a real positive impact on its tenants.

Established in 2019, this marks the eighth location among Good Housing's growing portfolio of SDA properties, providing homes for eight deserving tenants.

Antony Anisse, Good Housing’s CEO and Co-Founder, emphasized the significance of the Royal Commission's findings, revealing that approximately 17,000 residents are at high risk in unsuitable group homes nationwide. The Federal Government's commitment to move people out of such facilities within the next 15 years aligns with Good Housing's mission to offer tailored, dignified homes, like the Macquarie Fields project, for those in need.

The demand for bespoke housing is on the rise, with NDIS projecting SDA requirements to increase from about 22,900 participants in June 2022 to approximately 36,700 by June 2042. Despite budgeting over $700 million annually for SDA payments, only $228 million was spent in the past year, highlighting the urgency for solutions.

While SDA demand is high across Australia, the Campbelltown region faces critical levels, with more than 185 locals living with extreme disabilities requiring SDA. Good Housing has partnered with local Supported Independent Living providers Royal Rehab Group and Breakthru to offer a tailored approach, addressing the unique needs of South Western Sydney locals.

Matt Mackay, CEO of Royal Rehab Group and Breakthru, praises Good Housing's contemporary accommodation as a blueprint for the future, promoting independence through thoughtful design and advanced technology. In collaboration with Angela Henao of Azul Home, Good Housing ensures that the Macquarie Fields project goes beyond functionality, creating beautiful, calming, and purposeful environments.

In collaboration with Angela Henao of Azul Home, Good Housing ensures that the Macquarie Fields project goes beyond functionality, creating beautiful, calming, and purposeful environments. Both Macadamia and Murraya feature High Physical Support villas with smart home technology to enhance residents' comfort and independence.

This Macquarie Fields project is just the beginning for Good Housing, with upcoming properties planned for Toongabbie, Bradbury, Blacktown, and Tahmoor, addressing the shortfall in SDA locations for Campbelltown. With close to 30 new homes in the pipeline across NSW and VIC, Good Housing remains committed to providing quality housing for adults aged 18 to 64 living with disabilities.

Tenants will benefit from SDA funding in their NDIS plans, and in addition, they will contribute a 'Reasonable Rent Contribution' equivalent to 25% of their Disability Support Pension. Good Housing's latest project not only addresses a critical need but also represents a beacon of hope for a more inclusive and supportive future for individuals with disabilities.

Good Housing opened its first specialized disability housing projects Oak Tree and Apple Tree in Mount Colah in October 2020, and Lilly Pilly in Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 2021. Shortly thereafter, Good Housing launched its fourth and fifth completed projects Blue Hum and Red Robin in Sydney’s Hornsby Shire – also in collaboration with Service Providers Scope.

Murraya and Macadamia represent a major investment in Campbelltown and will set a benchmark in Southwest Sydney for better disability housing options. A massive and heartfelt thank you to all who attended and supported the launch of our new homes Murraya and Macadamia in Macquarie Fields.

We can't wait for our extraordinary tenants to start their new life chapters in their very own purpose-built dwellings! View the full event recap below.

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