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Nov 2020
November 2020

Events: Good Housing hosts official launch for Oak Tree, Mount Colah

On Friday 23rd October 2020, Good Housing held a launch for their very first SDA project: Oak Tree.

This project is a fully functional Specialist Disability Accommodation Home and sits in the idyllic, verdant neighbourhood of Mount Colah (North of Sydney). 

The atmosphere of excitement was inescapable, the optimism palpable. A strong sense of purpose emanated from the founders Antony Anisse and Sam Graiche and so too by the three exuberant young adults that joined them as they delivered their respective speeches.

It is noted that these particular nephews of Sam (cousins of Antony)  are believed to have played an integral role in the inspiration for the genesis of Good Housing. A large amount of family, it seems, was not only present in the crowd, but in the DNA of the organisation itself. 

While the founders proudly spoke of their commitment to building a family of extraordinary tenants, Lily Nehme (the custodian of efficiency & tenant empowerment) weaved her magic, with her personable approach, engaging in one to one greetings and setting the tone of the event.

The family theme extends even further, as Lily is a close relative of both Sam, Antony AND the three young adults (Luke, Andre and Lawrence).

Hon. Matt Kean, Member for Hornsby and Minister for the Environment officially opened Oak Tree, doing so after an impassioned speech which gave insight into his dedication to this undertaking and the cause of Australians with disabilities.

His words were second only to Good Housing royalty, first tenant and loveable larrikin Kevin, who shared his experiences while also giving a deep and rare insight into the necessity for homes such as Oak Tree in empowering the lives of extraordinary members of our society.

This event marks a crucial step along the way towards building a ‘Good’ community. 

All involved celebrated and experienced  the embodiment of their vision, hard work and commitment. The parting sentiment? The organisation was thrilled with their first smart and healthy home, and looked forward to customising many more sites for their tenants to call 'home'.

Could you see yourself or a family member living in one of our purposefully built smart homes? We'd love to hear from you! Express your interest in one of our established or emerging properties by emailing

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