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Nov 2020
November 2020

News: Good Housing launches first home in Mount Colah, NSW

Good Housing has taken their first step towards their goal of pioneering a new way of living for extraordinary members of our society.

The completion of the company's pilot home 'Oak Tree', presents a giant leap towards housing tenants in fully immersive, customisable environments that give them autonomy and ultimately a home.  

Oak Tree is the first in what will be 50 smart homes offered by Good Housing, to assist in the movement of tenants from otherwise passive living environments (including aged care facilities) into an ergonomic and purposefully tailored home that will implement Smart Assistive Technology (Siri/Alexa) and On-site Overnight Assistance to empower those with complex physical and mental disabilities to live independently. 

Oak Tree will boast a 2-bedroom home with generous living areas, kitchen, break- out space/lounge room, laundry and private garden area. The 1-bedroom villa is self- contained allowing for separate access, living areas and private courtyard for a more independent lifestyle.

With a commitment to a healthy home environment, each Oak Tree is serviced by an air quality control system which filters pollen and pollutants within the internal air. At regular intervals, it will introduce clean (oxygen rich) fresh air into the home.

Strategically located egress points will result in further commitment to the health and safety of those involved in caretaking and support work in the event of an emergency.

The most promising of revelations, is that the home is built entirely in accordance with the NDIA/SDA compliance standards, and maintains a Platinum Standard when measured under the Liveable Housing Guidelines. 

Could you see yourself or a family member living in one of our purposefully built smart homes? We'd love to hear from you! Express your interest in one of our established or emerging properties by emailing

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