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Nov 2020
November 2020

News: Investment to assist in the build of 50 Specialist Disability Homes

Good News: Good Housing has secured it’ cornerstone investment.

A combined pooling of Heavy-weights Hesta, Suncorp & The Paul Ramsay Foundation which forms a part of the Synergis Fund (founded by Social Ventures Australia; SVA) aims to eventually accrue $1 billion set aside for the investment in Specialist Disability Housing (SDA).

The initial investment of $26.5 Million will begin to be realised in the form of Good Housing’s first home project in Sydney’s Upper North Shore. Good Housing will seek to empower extraordinary members of the community by tailoring ergonomic and robust homes that are not only fully immersive, but customisable to the tenant - be they shared or independent. 

Aptly titled Oak Tree, the home sits nestled in the leafy, green and homely suburb of Mount Colah and can cater to the cultivation of a harmonious home life of up to three individuals with complex physical and mental disabilities.

Through the use of ‘smart’ assistive technology, a focus on the use of healthy elements and materials, as well as onsite, overnight assistance (OOA), Good Housing is one step closer to its core commitment to pioneer a new way of living for its tenants, one that is a ‘home’ not only in literary definition, but in its commitment to independent and autonomous living.

Good Housing has also undergone necessary procedures and benchmarking to create a home that is of a platinum standard in the Liveable Housing Guidelines, while meeting the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Design Standards.

Good Housing will partner with the Summer Foundation to source and match tenants to the best applicable tenancies. The process is underway, with future homes currently undergoing comprehensive research and development.

Could you see yourself or a family member living in one of our purposefully built smart homes? We'd love to hear from you! Express your interest in one of our established or emerging properties by emailing

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