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Sep 2023
September 2023

Virtual Tour: Inside Sandersonia, Toongabbie

Looking to experience our Good homes from the comfort of your smartphone or desktop?

Take a look inside our Sandersonia villas in Toongabbie NSW, thoughtfully designed and curated to meet the physical and intellectual requirements of Robust participants.

Scheduled for completion October 2023, Sandersonia is a stylishly designed, smart and healthy home in the suburb of Toongabbie centrally located in Sydney's Western Suburbs.

Each villa features a modern and accessible private bedroom with ensuite bathroom. They also include spacious living areas, kitchens and a private patio and garden.

These villas are designed to meet the needs of Robust participants and can be customised to suit each tenants' individual needs, with the option for additional assistive technology modifications to be made under tenant's funding.

With limited vacancies currently available, tenants are welcomed to apply today.

Click the link above to access our 360° interactive tour!

Could you see yourself or a family member living in one of our Good Homes? Get in touch today by completing our short enquiry form here.

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