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Jul 2021
July 2021

Feature: All about our new Good home Lilly Pilly, Dee Why

Have you heard the good news?

Our new home Lilly Pilly, Dee Why is scheduled for completion in a few months!

Located in the heart of Sydney's Northern Beaches (fancy a sea change?), Lilly Pilly welcomes five, brand new 1-bedroom villas designed for complete, independent living.

A warm and welcoming respite in sunny Dee Why, Lilly Pilly provides independence, comfort and privacy for all tenants; a true home wherein our tenants can feel safe, comfortable and empowered.

Have we mentioned it's a stone's throw from the beach...

Positioned in the heart of Dee Why, Lilly Pilly is located in close proximity to a range of services and amenities, from local shops, medical centres and hospitals through to lush green parks for those who crave a change of scenery.

What's more? Our tenants have the additional option to socialise in common indoor and outdoor areas, including a spacious, ground-level deck!

Designed for High Physical Support (HPS) and Fully Accessible (FA) tenants, each villa boasts a luxe, modern interior and spacious and customisable kitchens (with adjustable bench-tops).

Sweetening the deal? Each villa has its own large bedroom (with a private ensuite and heated under-floor - perfect for the cooler months!) and a range of accessibility options including ramp access, wide doorframes/pathways and ceiling hoists.

In addition, each villa can be customised to suit the individual needs of our tenants, and features the latest smart-home technology for increased accessibility and comfort.

Keen to learn more? Check out the full feature round up below:

* Modern and striking architectural design 

* Beautiful functional kitchens with the option to customise adjustable bench-tops 

* Safe and functional en-suites designed for wheelchair access 

* Open-plan living areas 

* Fully-maintained landscaped gardens 

* The latest in assistive technology, capable of customised home automation and communication technology 

* Provision for ceiling hoists 

* Underfloor heating in bathrooms 

* Emergency communication systems 

* Emergency back-up power systems 

* Certification under Liveable Housing design guidelines 

* Compliant with SDA High Physical Support design needs 

* The 9 Healthy Building Standards (air quality, thermal health, moisture, dust and pests, safety and security, water quality, noise, lighting and views and ventilation) 

Ready to start your next chapter? We are now taking final applications for Lilly Pilly, Dee Why. Get in touch today to secure your place!

Could you see yourself or a family member living in one of our purposefully built smart homes? We'd love to hear from you! Express your interest in one of our established or emerging properties by emailing

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