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Nov 2020
November 2020

Feature: 'Doing well, by doing Good' | The story behind Good Housing

In the case of the genesis of Good Housing, it's quite clear that, as Nietzsche stated, “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how”.

As it pertains to Specialist Disability Housing, and perhaps any operations within the disability sector, a pattern appears to be evident: one must have a source of motivation that exists outside of the bottom line. For founders Sam Graiche and myself, this motivation is fuelled by family, and upon close inspection, this sentiment rings true on multiple levels.

The Launch of Good Housing’s first fully functional SDA, Oak Tree, took place on the 23rd of October 2020 in Mount Colah, NSW. An observer of the launch may have been mistaken for thinking it to be a family celebration, and it is perhaps this observation that underpins the makings of Good Housing.

A community centric organisation, focused on evoking a sense of belonging and home for extraordinary members of our society. One that is devoted to imbuing their SDA’s with one overarching sentiment; a sentiment embedded in Australian folklore by way of one iconic saying: “It’s not a House, it’s a Home”. 

Together we proudly proclaimed the opening of Oak Tree, though not alone. They were in fact joined by three nephews: Luke, Andre and Lawrence. It’s been often mentioned that the fate of these three young adults gave rise to the creation of Good Housing.

In his address, Sam Graiche spoke of his hopes for the ultimate independence of his nephews; a hope echoed wholeheartedly among all in attendance - including family members.

As an experienced builder, it seemed to dawn on him that, at the very least, he might be able to build something for them. But independence and autonomy require more than just shelter. Enter Good Housing, the establishment of an organisation committed to tailoring ergonomic and functional homes for qualifying tenants via the NDIS. It is important to note that the narrative of family extends further.

The age old cliche that “Good things come in Threes” is applicable here, as my Aunty, and Sam's sister, Lily Nehme serves as a senior staff member within the organisation. 

If we take the founding motivations, we add the family bonds that keep them together, and then use their future developments as the exponent... the result is the establishment of a community of ‘Good’. 

We can establish that Good Housing takes roots in ‘good’ family connections, and their aim is to further foster this ethos; to springboard from this foundation and build an even larger family of tenants. A good job indeed.

Written by: Antony Anisse, Co-Founder and Head of Tenant Empowerment

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