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Nov 2020
November 2020

News: Good Housing announced as finalist in 2020 UDIA Awards

It isn’t an overstatement to suggest that recognition by competitors and peers in an industry is a telling sign of good practice.

In fact, as it pertains to doing ‘good’ and reaching benchmarks - it serves both a sentimental and pragmatic function.

The Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) are committed to the achievement of high standards in urban development, as such they serve as the purveyor of excellence and integrity for all organisations concerned.

Excellence however, goes further beyond creating quality, dynamic, built environments, and as such, UDIA also commits to respect for the inherited and natural environment (think the ‘Good’ in Good Housing).

It is with incredible excitement and pride then, that Good Housing has the honour of announcing that they’ve been recognised as a finalist in the annual UDIA awards for 2020.

It is important to note that the judges of this prestigious award are in their own right experienced industry leaders. This means that a body which has highlighted excellence in execution since 1996, now has Good Housing in their sights.

This is not only a testament to a sound product offering, it is a clear and measurable statement of efficacy in the Good Housing method.

The award is an all-encompassing assessment of the many facets of development, it takes a diversified think-tank of architects, engineers, environmental professionals and consultants to ultimately determine worthy finalists. 

Ultimately, time will reveal if Good Housing is the eventual winner of the Social & Community Infrastructure category.

For now, the recognition alone at such an early stage of our journey is an adequate propellant as we attempt to rise to the occasion of our ultimate purpose; building good homes for our extraordinary tenants. 

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