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May 2024
May 2024

The Good Series: Episode 7 | Sue Ellen and Tracey

Welcome to Bradbury; a living example of the Good communities we're building.

These are the intersecting stories of two of our most dynamic and charming tenants.

Here, Sue Ellen and Tracey share their personal stories and reflect on how they're thriving as both individuals and fostering a community together.

In their shared journey at Bradbury, Sue Ellen and Tracey have found not just neighbours, but trusted friends. Their bond extends beyond the walls Banksia, as they share in each other's joys and creative pursuits, and offer a helping hand whenever needed.

Through their laughter, shared meals, and heartfelt conversations, they embody the true essence of communal living.

Our extraordinary tenants Sue Ellen and Tracey exemplify the essence of Good Housing: creating spaces where individuals flourish and collective wellbeing is nurtured.

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