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Jun 2021
June 2021

The Science of a Good Home: Interior Design + Décor

What makes a Good Home? We speak to the importance of thoughtful interior design and home décor in creating a healthy and happy living environment.

Have you ever walked through a beautifully decorated home or building and found your mood instantly lifted? Does the sight of a flawlessly furnished room or interior space fill you with a certain joy? If the answer to either is yes, you’re not alone.

Studies in the fields of Psychology and Neuroarchitecture have examined the crucial link between good design and well-being, exploring the countless ways that effective interior design and well-placed décor can enhance an individual’s quality of life.

How? Research has shown that regular exposure to appealing stimuli (whether a favourite painting, unique piece of furniture or bright feature wall) can trigger the production of endorphins, or ‘happy hormones'... resulting in an elevated mood.

A beautifully designed and outfitted home can evoke a range of positive feelings: from peace and calm to comfort and contentment. In short, we’re biologically wired to appreciate beautiful things. A phenomenon the design world continues to embrace.

According to a study on the Psychology of Home Environments, there are several factors that “distinguish the idea of home from a place of residence” including “community, privacy, self-expression and personal identity”.

Certain colour schemes, fabric textures and layout styles (more on these to follow!) can conjure a unique emotional response in different individuals, and as such, it’s important that interior designers work closely with their tenants to ensure that their space reflects their tastes and personality.

As for the most effective design elements and decorative pieces? Those that not only look the part (although this is always a plus) but ultimately inspire happiness.

Personalisation is key: and photographs, motivating posters or images and décor that appeals to an individual’s style can work simultaneously to create a sense of comfort and familiarity, allowing individuals to really feel at home.

Regardless of the space or location, there’s a style or layout to suit any personality or temperament. The best bit? Figuring it out can be the most enjoyable part!

Interested in learning more about good design? Check out Episode 2 of our Good Story series, where we discuss the practical makings of a Good Home.

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