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Jan 2023
January 2023

Events: Good Housing hosts launch event for Red Robin and Blue Gum, Hornsby

To cap off an incredible 2022, Good Housing opened the doors to two new homes in Hornsby.

Hornsby is home to a collection of new residences tailor made for people living with disabilities. The bespoke accommodations are equipped with state-of-the-art inclusions and have been specifically designed to foster independence and security for tenants and their families.

Neighbouring properties, Red Robin and Blue Gum, were introduced at a grand opening event in Hornsby on November 30 at 11am. Attended by Good Housing, SIL Partners Scope, future residents and their families, the launch marks an important milestone for the region and be the fourth completed project of its kind in NSW for Registered Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) provider, Good Housing.

Good Housing’s mission is to radically transform and disrupt the traditional ‘group housing’ model by curating purpose-built houses, villas and apartments (shared and independent) with ergonomic design and beautiful interiors.

MrJulian Leeser, Federal Member for Berowra, said that the development is a welcome addition to the local area. “I am delighted that Hornsby will soon have its own purpose built, modern disability housing facility. Projects like this are essential in supporting both individuals with disabilities and their families, and I look forward to seeing many similar facilities built across NSW,” said Mr Leeser.

The innovative homes have been developed to address the unique needs and requirements of residents requiring high level physical access provisions and enhanced spatial flexibility. Key design elements have been closely considered to meet tenants' needs while minimising potential triggers (such as high noise levels, overcrowding and light sensitivity).

Good Housing’s General Manager and co-founder Antony Anisse said the highly anticipated property will be another step in the right direction to meet the needs of those living with disability in the Hornsby region.

“We identified a need and, through our commitment to continuous improvement, sought to produce another brilliant home for our residents. After the success of our first property Oak Tree, which opened in Mount Colah in late 2020, we had an incredible level of inquiry that we just couldn't accommodate at that site,” he said.

“We've allowed for five-one bedroom ‘robust’ villas to respond to the most challenging category of SDA. This approach allows for an independent sensory space; a place for tenants to deescalate and potentially reduce the frequency of challenging behaviours, which are typically triggered when living in the old, shared group home model.”

Scope will provide a team of highly trained staff support to work with residents in the homes.

“We’re delighted to partner with Good Housing to add these purpose built homes to our portfolio. We’ve got an amazing team who deeply understand disability and are ready to support people to have independent and meaningful home lives,” said Lee Carpenter, Chief Operating Officer NSW Scope.

Blue Gum will feature a design first for Good Housing – five custom designed one-bedroom villas developed under the SDA’s robust design category. Next door, Red Robin will include a two-bedroom resident house plus two adjoining one-bedroom High Physical Support (HPS) and Fully Accessible (FA) villas. Each property will feature internal and external shared spaces, as well as private courtyards.

“We believe in the power of the community that’s created by residents, so we’ve created indoor and outdoor common areas for residents to achieve a level of social cohesion,” Mr Anisse added.

“Many residents in robust housing love to commune and socialise in external areas, rather than indoors as it can feel a little claustrophobic for them. It's going to be an incredibly important component of the property for our Blue Gum tenants who we know love enjoying the outdoors.”

Blue Gum’s external common area will have a sheltered pergola, basketball hoop, exercise bike, outdoor tables and a barbecue area.

Sam Graiche, Co-founder and Chief Innovator for Good Housing said the robust design elements have been hand-picked.

“The robust villas will feature safety glass, strategically located stainless steel mirrors for a clear line of sight around corners, high-impact plaster board, acoustic panelling on the ceilings, high-wearing soft impact vinyl floors, and the properties are assisted-technology ready. Importantly, every room also has an alternate exit for support providers in the event of an emergency.”

As part of Good Housing’s Project Good Feeling, residents will be additionally offered a curated package of ergonomic furniture and appliances allowing them to make a ‘fresh start’.

“It’s so important they feel comfortable and at home from day one. It just enhances the tenant experience, puts their families at ease, and ultimately produces that good feeling we’re after,” Mr Graiche said.

Good Housing was born out of a lack of tailored disability housing solutions acrossNew South Wales. Graiche’s motivation was his three nephews living with special needs and the flow on effect constant care was having on family members and their home environment.

“Our motivation from the beginning has been about creating a better quality of life for people living with disabilities, and their families. I could see the sacrifices my sister was making and the strains being put on everyone in the household, so we knew we had to find a better solution,” he said.

Could you see yourself or a family member living in one of our purposefully built smart homes? We'd love to hear from you! Express your interest in one of our established or emerging properties by visiting

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